Undergraduate Research Symposium Spotlights Emerging Scholars and Scientists

TAMPA, Fla. (Mar. 24, 2009) – If you’ve ever been curious about the ancient Roman diet, or pondered 17th Century fencing master Joseph Swetnam or perhaps been curious about gender and the Florida Judiciary, then the University of South Florida’s next generation of scholars and scientists have some insights to share with you.


The 7th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium will be held from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on April 3 in the Marshall Center, featuring presentations from more than 100 emerging researchers on a wide range of topics.  Unlike more staid research symposiums, the USF’s Undergraduate Research Symposium features oral and poster descriptions as well as projects presented through modern dance interpretation and short films.


The symposium is designed to showcase the substantial research conducted by USF’s undergraduates, who will be eligible for $10,000 in scholarship prizes. The event is sponsored by USF’s Office of Undergraduate Research and USF Student Government.


“It’s everything from Alzheimer’s research to the effects of drugs on adolescent brains to the effect of early voting in the presidential election,” said Naomi Yavneh, Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research and the associate dean of USF’s Honors College.  “Anybody coming to the symposium would get a real sense of the depth and breadth of our research.”


Antoinette Jackson, a USF assistant professor of anthropology and director of the Heritage Research and Resource Management Lab, a project which documents the cultural heritage of Tampa, will deliver the symposium’s keynote address.  Awards for the best research projects and presentations will conclude the event.


The symposium, the key note address and the awards ceremony are open to the public and free to attend.


The following is a list of research titles submitted to the 2009 symposium:

·         Two Films. One Week.

·         Rhapsody

·         Forking Off in a Candy Shoppe

·         Artaudian Shakespeare

·         Photography in the Contemporary World

·         Blending the Norms, Blurring the Pattern

·         I Swear by My Pretty Floral Bonnet, I will End You

·         Gardening Practices in Hillsborough County

·         Examining the relationship between trauma and risky sexual behavior in a substance-involved sample

·         Critical analysis of factors relating to the emergence of integrated biotechnology clusters

·         Predicting voter turnout in the 2008 presidential election: Assessing the impact of battleground status and early voting opportunities

·         Radiography as a tool for contemporary anthropological research

·         Local law enforcement's response to terrorism

·         Where the women are: gender and the Florida Judiciary

·         The effect of depressive symptoms on cognitive abilities in Parkinson's Disease

·         To confirm or not to confirm: effects of mortality salience of stereotype preference for Barack Obama

·         Swimming against the tide: Analyzing the success of challenger candidates in the 2008 election

·         Gender and career success

·         The cross-cultural analysis of ceremonies and readjustment practices offered to United States Military Veterans

·         The effects of social interaction on preference for environmental cues paired with an alcohol-intoxicated peer and voluntary ethanol intake

·         in adolescent rats

·         Mercury exposure routes from dental amalgams and methods of reduction

·         Water purification as a preventative public health measure in the Dominican Republic

·         Effects of role stressors on organizational citizenship behavior: a meta analysis

·         Fencing in Seventeenth Century England: A visual study of Joseph Swetnam's Treatise

·         The ancient Roman diet: Using stable isotope and elemental analysis of human bones to determine diets of imperial Roman populations

·         Design development of a hands free wheelchair control with consideration of current spring support testing

·         Music and the Psychology of Emotion

·         The effects of ethanol exposure during adolescence on Ethanol-induced Dopamine responsively in the nucleus accumbens septi in adulthood in male rats


The University of South Florida is one of the nation's top 63 public research universities and one of 39 community-engaged, four-year public universities as designated by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. USF was awarded more than $360 million in research contracts and grants in FY 2007/2008. The university offers 219 degree programs at the undergraduate, graduate, specialist and doctoral levels, including the doctor of medicine. The university has a $1.8 billion annual budget, an annual economic impact of $3.2 billion, and serves more than 46,000 students on institutions/campuses in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota-Manatee and Lakeland. USF is a member of the Big East Athletic Conference.



Story Source:              Naomi Yavneh

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