Vehicle Unlock Program Eliminated

TAMPA, Fla. (Tuesday, April 28, 2009) – The Office of Public Safety has announced that the university will no longer provide the vehicle unlock program to the university community. 


The vehicle unlock program has been provided to the university community as a free service for many years. The service was provided by Parking Enforcement, the University Police, and more recently by Allied Barton.


With the proper tools and training, vehicles could be opened without much difficulty and with minimal damage to the locking mechanisms. However, advances in technology, specifically electronic locks and sophisticated air bag systems inside car doors, have forced the university to eliminate this service.


If you have locked yourself out of your vehicle, and you are a member of an automobile club such as AAA, call them for service.


If you are parked on campus, on the golf course, or at Riverfront Park, and you are not a member of an automobile club, use your cell phone, your office phone, or an Emergency Blue Light phone to call the University Police at 974-2628. Ask the dispatcher to contact a local locksmith for you. This service will cost you approximately $50.00, depending on the company that responds. They all accept credit cards or cash as payment. 


If you find yourself locked out of your vehicle and you feel unsafe while you are waiting for the locksmith service to arrive, please ask the dispatcher to send an Allied Barton security officer, a parking enforcement specialist, or a police officer to wait with you until help arrives.


In the event of an emergency, where the delay in response time from a local locksmith will create an unnecessary hazard or injury, the University Police, Parking Enforcement, or Allied Barton will unlock your vehicle in accordance to their policies.


For more information, please email Tom Cisco.