Human Resources Introduces Service Centers

TAMPA, Fla. (June 1, 2009) -- Effective June 1, 2009, the Division of Human Resources is implementing new HR Service Centers. The service center model is a team approach to providing excellent customer service through centralized, dedicated resources for HR actions. There are five USF Tampa service centers. Each regional HR Office serves as the service center for its respective campus.


Many issues presented by customers are complex, involving more than one functional area in HR. Customers can contact a member of their service center who will assist them in triaging their issues. Benefits of the service center model include improved communication, faster response time, less duplication and fewer errors. 


Each service center serves specific colleges / areas, and provides assistance for all HR services, from helping a manager hire, to assisting employees with benefits and retirement questions. 


Each USF Tampa service center is staffed by six HR professionals: the HR service consultant, employment center representative, employment specialist, benefits representative, employee relations consultant, and learning & development facilitator. Payroll specialists work with all service centers. Click here for a list of USF departments / colleges / areas and their service centers.


As part of the introduction of the new service centers, USF Tampa service center teams are meeting with key contacts in each of their customer areas to introduce the team and answer questions about how employees can best utilize their services.


All USF Tampa service center team members have participated in extensive customer service training and HR cross-training to enhance their skills in triaging customer problems, accessing the right resources at the right time, and providing quick resolutions.


For more information, click here, or contact HR at (813) 974-2970.