Online Wellness Tools Save Time and Money

TAMPA, Fla. (July 2, 2009) -- Did you know your health insurance provider has terrific online tools that can save you time and money now? Here’s this month's tip from The Benefits Expert:


Your health insurance provider offers online tools that make it easy to take an active role in your family's health care. You can organize your health information, find the right doctor, prepare for doctor visits, obtain a personalized assessment of your health, and much more.


What can you do online? 


Manage your confidential medical information


Share your records quickly and easily with your physicians and medical service providers


Quickly locate in-network doctors


Communicate with your doctor


Take a health assessment for a detailed, personalized report


Contact a health coach


Research conditions and procedures


Learn the facts and risks so you can make informed decisions


Create a pre-visit list of questions to ask your doctor, so you get the most out of your visit


Check your symptoms and decide before scheduling a doctor’s appointment


Create and print an emergency card with insurance and medical information, allergies, medications, emergency contacts, etc.


Track, search, sort and view your insurance claims


Find out instantly how much of your personal and family deductible has been met


Get hints for saving money by selecting the right facilities, doctors and prescriptions


Schedule lab appointments


View details about your insurance plan


View and print your annual health report


Request and print health insurance cards


Set up physician appointment reminders


Track current medications


Receive prescription refill reminders


And more!


Please note that each insurance provider offers different options, so explore your provider's Web site to discover the advantages for you.