Time to Review Annual Leave Balances

TAMPA, Fla. (Dec. 4, 2009) -- The end of the year is fast approaching. Now is the time to check your annual leave balance. Your maximum yearly accrual of annual leave cannot exceed:


Staff employees: 240 hours


Faculty and administration employees: 352 hours


Executive Service employees: 480 hours 


The university’s leave system (ALT) will automatically convert excessive annual leave hours to sick leave if the hours are not used by Dec. 31.


If you wish to take those hours as annual leave, the leave must be requested, approved and taken by Dec. 31.


If you are requesting leave from Dec. into Jan., you should make two separate leave requests, one for your Dec. leave and one for Jan. leave. This will allow all leave taken in Dec. to post in 2009.


For example, to request leave for Dec. 28 - Jan. 7, your request should be entered in ALT as 12/28/09 through 12/30/09 and 1/4/10 through 1/7/10.


For more information, contact your Departmental Attendance & Leave Coordinator or call Beverly Jerry in Human Resources at (813) 974-5717.