A Letter from President Genshaft About Haiti

To: USF Community

From: Judy Genshaft, President

Tuesday's devastating earthquake in Haiti has affected many members of the USF community, because of personal ties and because of USF's long history of student involvement with Haiti.
We are all touched by the disaster, and I am proud of all of you who quickly began relief drives. Your resolve is inspiring. We've seen students, faculty and staff from every part of the USF System organize action plans, assist in communications, and offer support to local residents with family and friends in Haiti.
A special note: Any student directly affected should contact the Student Counseling Center to seek support. We want to reach out to students who have suffered loss, or simply are unable to contact their families and friends in Haiti.
You will hear about the various relief drives within colleges and organizations, and USF has begun to list them in this article. We will add to that list as events are organized.
On the Tampa campus, I want to mention one important session for all of you who are running humanitarian assistance efforts: On Tuesday, Jan. 19, USF’s Office of Civic Engagement (in Students Affairs) will hold a collective action planning session at 5 p.m. in the Marshall Student Center, Room 3707. The office invites organizations to send one or two representatives to plan and carry out campus-based relief efforts. To RSVP for the event, click here.
For faculty, the point of contact for questions about projects in Haiti should be Roger Brindley, from USF World, who will coordinate USF's response. Please contact Dr. Brindley to be sure that he is aware of all activities related to humanitarian relief in Haiti.
Thank you again for your concern, your resolve and your quick action. We stand with our friends from Haiti in grief at this disaster.