New School of Sustainability Offers Master of Arts

TAMPA, Fla. (Feb. 5, 2010) -- The first degree program to be offered by USF’s new Global School of Sustainability (see related story) will be a Master of Arts (MA) in Global Sustainability. This degree will prepare students to address complex regional, national, and global challenges related to sustainability and the ability to innovate in diverse cultural, geographic, and demographic contexts. The program will allow for the integration of various disciplines such as basic, natural, and social sciences, engineering, health, economics, governance and policy, and issues of diversity.


The target student population for this program includes working professionals in for profit and non-for profit agencies and other settings that are focusing on sustainability and “green” issues; students who wish to learn problem solving skills and utilize critical thinking to advance sustainability in developed and developing nations; and students who wish to pursue policy change and perform advocacy functions to advance sustainability. This multidisciplinary degree will prepare students to be leaders in working as team members with sustainability scientists to enhance global sustainability. Employment data clearly show that there will be ever-increasing job opportunities across industry and other sectors for those with advanced degrees in sustainability.


The program consists of 33 semester hours, the majority of which are offered online. Classes begin in the Fall semester and are concluded within a one year time period. The focus of the inaugural curriculum is on water with later concentrations and focus areas to be developed. Students complete two residency periods—one at the start of the program at the University of South Florida in Tampa where they will take the Introductory Seminar and then later on in the program while completing exciting internships in either domestic or international locations.  The curriculum is shown below.


Inaugural Curriculum—33 semester hours


Core Courses (9 semester hours)*

Interdisciplinary Sustainability Seminar

Public Health Topics in Global Sustainability

Special Topics in Management and Sustainability


Focus Area Courses: (15 semester hours)

These courses focus on water and sustainability issues


Internship (Core) and Sustainability Project (9 semester hours)


* There are four core courses for the degree program.

These courses provide students an overall understanding of global sustainability including environmental, historical, humanities, culture, engineering, health and other overarching components along with practical experience (internship).


Please contact the University of South Florida School of Global Sustainability at Malcolm Randolph at 813-974-7207 for more information.