USF Expert List - Gulf Oil Spill

TAMPA, Fla. (May 13, 2010) -- Researchers at the University of South Florida's College of Marine Science are using advanced technology and oceanographic expertise to aid authorities and the public in understanding the ramifications of the oil spill in the Gulf. They are also available to assist media with inquiries on the current issues of the oil spill, the consequences to Florida and the long-term impact to the gulf coast. 


The following researchers are able to comment on a variety of issues related to the spill, and the following list has been prepared for the media’s convenience in contacting USF experts. Please be advised, however, some faculty may not be immediately available due to previously scheduled commitments or if they are participating in the R/V Weatherbird II research cruise, but will make every effort to respond to inquiries in a timely manner.


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University of South Florida oil spill experts

College of Marine Science:


William T. Hogarth:

Dean, USF College of Marine Science

Fishery management; marine animals and resources; marine habitat conservation; recreational and commercial fishing


Phone: (727) 553-3542


Eric Montie:

Postdoctoral researcher, USF College of Marine Science

Impact of chemicals on ocean life; effects of domoic acid on sea lion hippocampus; effects of anthropogenic chemicals and marine toxins on fish and dolphin hearing


Phone: (727) 553-1237


Ernst Peebles:

Associate Professor of biological oceanography, USF College of Marine Science

Zooplankton supply; ichthyoplankton; spatio-temporal interactions between coastal fishes and their prey; interaction among estuarine fish, zooplankton, and hyperbenthos


Phone: (727) 553-3983


Albert Hine:

Associate Dean and Professor of geological oceanography, USF College of Marine Science

Geological processes and products of shallow marine sedimentary environments; development, history, stratigraphy, sedimentation of carbonate platforms; coastal geology; coastal wetlands; sequence stratigraphy; interpretation of seismic reflection data; seafloor mapping and interpretation


Phone: (727) 553-1161


Eugene Shinn:

Courtesy Professor, USF College of Marine Science

Carbonate sedimentology; coral reef ecosystems; sedimentary geology


Phone: (727) 553-1158


Frank Muller-Karger:

Professor of Biological Oceanography and Remote Sensing, USF College of Marine Science

Director, USF Institute for Marine Remote Sensing (IMaRS)

Oceanography; marine primary production using satellite remote sensing, large data sets, networking, and high-speed computing; continental margins, including areas of upwelling, river discharge, and coral reefs; measurement of phytoplankton and other materials in sea water


Phone: (727) 553-3335


Chuanmin Hu:

Associate Professor of Optical Oceanography, USF College of Marine Science

Coastal ocean problems using primarily optics, river-ocean interactions, carbon cycling, algal blooms, coral reef environmental health and ecosystem connectivity, climate change and anthropogenic influence on coastal/estuarine water quality


Phone: (727) 553-3987


Edward (Ted) Van Vleet:

Professor of Chemical Oceanography, USF College of Marine Science

Marine natural products, marine organic chemistry, oil pollution and toxicology


Phone: (727) 553-1165


Robert Weisberg:

Distinguished University Professor of physical oceanography, USF College of Marine Science

Ocean circulation; ocean-atmosphere interaction studies in the tropics, on continental shelves, and in estuaries; the West Florida Continental Shelf (WFS); interactions between the WFS and the deep-ocean; interactions between WFS  and the estuaries


Phone: (727) 553-1130


Lianyuan Zheng:

Research Associate, USF College of Marine Science Ocean Circulation Group; Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Modeling in Estuaries and Continental Shelf; Hurricane-induced Storm Surge Simulation; Estuarine Water Quality Modeling


Phone: (727) 553-1639


Yonggang Liu:
Research Associate, USF College of Marine Science Ocean Circulation Group; Physical & satellite oceanography in coastal oceans; novel data analysis methods in meteorology & oceanography; coastal ocean circulation modeling; oil spill trajectory modeling.


Phone: (727) 553-3508


College of Arts and Sciences:


Susan Bell:

Professor and Chair of Department of Integrative Biology. Coastal ecosystems and a special emphasis on plant-animal interactions, salt marshes, mangroves and seagrass beds.


Phone: (813)  974-2542


Ping Wang:

Associate Professor, Department of Geology. Coastal geology and buried oil along the oil-impact zone from northwest Florida to Alabama.


Phone: (813) 974-9170


College of Business:


Sajeev Varki:

Marketing, College of Business



Phone: (813) 974-6227


Brad Kamp:

Economics, College of Arts & Sciences

Gas Prices


Phone: (813) 974-6380


Dror Parnes:

Finance, College of Business

BP’s Survival


Phone: (813) 974-6357


Jack Rader:

Finance, College of Business

BP’s Survival


Phone: (813) 974-3156


Michael Fountain:

Entrepreneurship, Center for Entrepreneurship



Phone: (813) 974-7200


Sharon Hanna-West:

Management, College of Business

Sustainability and Legal/Ethical Issues


Phone: (813) 974-6893


Kevin Renshler:

Management, College of Business

Business Strategy


PhoneL (813) 974-1732



Please contact Lara Wade at (813) 974-9060 / or call Vickie Chachere at (813) 787-2990 / to schedule interviews or check on faculty availability.