Summer Events Geared Toward Fun

The summer event series for students includes movies, workshops and some just plain fun.

By Daylina Miller News Writer


TAMPA, Fla. (June 10, 2010) - During the spring and fall semesters, the Tampa campus at USF is a teeming beehive of student activity. Clubs meet and organize events, fundraisers are held and students mingle in-between classes in the common areas and patios around campus. But the summer months can leave the campus looking a bit like a ghost town.


However, there are still many students attending classes this time of year. All students are required to take nine summer credit hours by state law and are only exempted from that by taking at least nine Advanced Placement credits hours in high school.


This summer, Student Affairs has collaborated with many departments and organizations within USF to create a schedule of events designed to keep students active on campus and acclimate new students.


“It will give people that live on campus over the summer something to do,” said biomedical major and sophomore Amber Soofi. “Most students probably don't have much to do because all their on-campus friends are gone. The workshops look pretty cool and Movies on the Lawn is always good.”


Most of the events are being held in or outside of The Marshall Student Center, the hub for student activity on campus. Patio Tuesdays, an event sponsored by the Center for Student Involvement, was one of the kick-off activities, held at the MSC amphitheatre.


Students gathered for an array of activities at the event, including the opportunity to be flung into the air and do flips on the single station power jump, decorate wooden fans and watch feats of physical strength by Strong Woman “Mama Lou.”


“I love Patio Tuesdays,” said sociology major and junior Magaly Hunter. “I always come to them.”


Posters were put up in the residence halls to inform students of the events and an official Facebook page, “Summer@USF” was made to include students who do not live on campus or plan to take summer classes. Other events include health and wellness workshops, Power Hour Lunches and a Bulls Idol Karaoke Fest.


Associate Dean for Students, Regina Young Hyatt, helped coordinate the event process, asking departments to take a part in the summer festivities and workshops. She feels that last year’s “mini-run” of events during Summer B was successful but that the effort was more concentrated and extensive this year.


“We have all these new students coming on campus during summer and if we don’t do anything for them, we run the risk of them not really connecting,” Hyatt said. “Those first six weeks are really important.”


Jon Hunn, an English major and senior, agreed.


“I think it's a great way to get people in the community together outside of the classroom,” Hunn said. “When I was new to the campus I was literally lost and backwards. Had I done something outside of the Marshal Center that probably wouldn't have happened.”


But after looking over the schedule of events on the poster, Hunn offers up a few suggestions for the following summer.


“I really would have liked to have done that Humans vs Zombies game, so maybe we should have an organized game like that?” Hunn said. “Or perhaps a poetry or prose reading? I know getting a published writer is hard and expensive, but there are many people who are talented writers at USF and would love the opportunity to share.”


Hyatt is excited about her role in engaging students on campus during the slower months of summer and wants to better the outreach each summer. Students will be asked to fill out comment forms after each event to get feedback on their experiences.


“Hopefully, students will take the chance to make new friends and check out different parts of campus.” Hyatt said. “It will help them get prepared for their college career. We want them to be successful students.”


Daylina Miller covers student activities and trends. She can be reached at 813-500-8754.