Campus Crime Drops For Fourth Year In Row

Increased police enforcement and visibility are credited with continuing the positive trend.


By Lara Wade News Director


TAMPA, Fla. (June 16, 2010) – Major crimes on the University of South Florida campus dropped more than 19 percent last year, representing the fourth consecutive year crime has gone down.


The USF Police Department, in its annual Uniform Crime Reporting to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, also noted that arrests increased 24 percent in 2009. Since 2005, major crimes have dropped 45 percent while arrests are up 52 percent.


Specifically, the 19.1 percent reduction in index crimes includes murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny and motor vehicle theft. USF Police reported 314 index crimes for 2009 compared to 388 in 2008. Police reported 362 arrests for 2009, compared to 293 in 2008.  


In addition, the Police Department reported an increased “clearance rate” of 18.5 percent for 2009.  A clearance rate represents the number of reported cases that have been solved in a crime investigation.  This impressive clearance rate, officials said, reflects the many proactive enforcement efforts put into place in recent years, including DUI checkpoints on campus, increased training in conducting investigations and a greater emphasis on traffic enforcement which often leads to more serious charges for criminal offenses. 


Since 2006, USF police have expanded their efforts in enforcement, including the DUI checkpoints and saturation patrols. In addition, as part of a grant-funded initiative, members of the department have provided additional patrols in the areas immediately surrounding campus. These initiatives led to the USF Police Department’s first place award in 2008 for the Florida Law Enforcement Challenge and the second place award in the 2007 International Association of Chiefs of Police National Law Enforcement Challenge. As part of the award in 2008, the agency won a fully-loaded police package Chevy Tahoe which is in use as a patrol vehicle on the Tampa campus. 


 “Although crime is generally down nationally, I think these outstanding numbers, especially when combined with our high rate of clearance of cases, evidences an enviable level of professionalism and dedication on the part of our officers to their community.  I couldn’t be more pleased,” said Chief Thomas Longo.


Each of the initiatives implemented by the USF Police, he said, has made members of the police force more visible to the community and can be attributed to helping to reduce crime on the USF campus. 



UCR Crime Reports 2005 - 2009


2005 Total Index Crime     568                         2005 Arrests           238

2006 Total Index Crime     502     -12%            2006 Arrests           247     + 4%

2007 Total Index Crime     440     -12%            2007 Arrests           281     +14%

2008 Total Index Crime     388     -12%            2008 Arrests           293     + 4%

2009 Total Index Crime     314     -19.1%         2009 Arrests           362     +24%


2005 - 2009                      -254   -45%            2005 - 2009            124     +52%



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