Read the Latest News from the Colleges

Interested in learning more about what’s happening in the colleges? Check out the new News from the Colleges page on the USF News website.

The primary goal of this new page is to gather all college-specific news in one place, making it easy for everyone to access this content.

This includes information about faculty and staff research initiatives, findings and grants; faculty publishing, conference attendance and presentations; academic awards and scholarships; professional organization accolades; and other relevant faculty, staff, student or alumni news from the colleges.

The secondary goal is to direct faculty, students and alumni to send news to their college’s Communications and Marketing Officer (CMO) for posting on the college’s website and in the college’s publications, providing a home for news about research grants, article publication, awards, scholarships, etc.

This process will also enable the CMO’s to keep the Provost’s Office apprised of any major faculty or student awards or scholarships—something very important to Dr. Wilcox—and to inform University Communications and Marketing of any major news.

To read the latest news from the colleges, or to submit content, visit the News from the Colleges page and click through the links.