Update: New MyUSF Portal

All USF System faculty, staff and students will use the new intranet to access email, calendars and many university business systems.

TAMPA, Fla. (Updated: July 27, 2010) – This fall, Information Technology will launch a new single-sign-on, unified intranet that all USF faculty, staff and students will use to access email, calendars, business systems and other functions requiring login credentials.

This new intranet—known as MyUSF—will be rolled out in phases in order to avoid interfering with student and faculty processes at the beginning of the fall semester.

Rollout will begin August 12, when all faculty and staff processes will migrate into MyUSF. The existing faculty and staff portal—known as eUSF—will shut down at that time, and those accessing it will be automatically re-directed to myUSF. (Please note that individual departmental sites hosted in eUSF will not be affected by this change.)

The second phase of the rollout will take place in October, when all student processes will migrate into MyUSF, including Blackboard, USF's Course Management System. From August 12 - October, students and faculty who access Blackboard via MyUSF can continue to do so, or they can choose to access the new portal to see how it works.

In contrast to the new USF.edu Web site, which was designed primarily to provide information and resources to our external audiences, MyUSF will feature password-protected content specifically for USF System faculty, staff and students.

As such, MyUSF will include navigation menus featuring links to important university business systems, such as web email, GEMS, GEMS Self Service, Data Marts, FAST, FAIR and more, and additional applications will be added soon. Employees will be required to use their NetID and password to login to MyUSF. (For information regarding NetID, click here.)

In addition to business systems, MyUSF will include sections for emergency messaging and for news and announcements, which can be targeted to specific audiences. For example, a message could be sent to all faculty on a specific campus, or to all students on their “home” campus.

MyUSF contains personalized content relevant to only the viewer. For example, a student's site may display class schedule, calendar and meal plan status, while a staff member's site may display email and leave balances. There will be multiple “apps” included when the MyUSF launches in mid-August, and new apps will be added continually.

Once MyUSF is launched, the university community will have the opportunity to suggest new apps, and Information Technology will coordinate training opportunities so departments who wish to develop their own apps for submission will be able to do so.

Information Technology and University Communications and Marketing will continue to work together to keep the university community informed of progress as this major project moves forward. Please check the Inside USF e-newsletter each Friday for the latest updates.

Until fully transitioned in October, everyone can continue to access links to internal functions from Web Tools, which can be accessed directly from the new USF.edu home page, and from the new Human Resources Web site, which can be accessed by clicking on the word Careers in the footer of every page of the USF.edu Web site.

For more information, email Christopher Akin.