Only Rain Goes Down the Drain

Best practices minimize stormwater pollution.

TAMPA, Fla. (Aug. 16, 2010) – Stormwater pollution can have a significant impact on the quality of surface waters like lakes and ponds as well as and surrounding ecosystems. The University of South Florida strives to mitigate the impact of stormwater runoff from its facilities.

To that end, the university is implementing numerous best management practices that will minimize its contribution to stormwater pollution.

Please visit the USF Stormwater Management Program website, to learn about:

· Stormwater regulations

· USF's steps to minimize stormwater pollution

· Ways you can help prevent stormwater pollution on campus and at home

To report illicit discharges or spills to the storm sewer system, contact Environmental Health & Safety at 813-974-4036. After normal business hours, contact the University Police Department at 813-974-2628.

The USF Stormwater Permit Workgroup includes representatives from Facilities Planning and Construction, the Division of Environmental Health and Safety, and Physical Plant.