Festival Introduces Students to USF Departments

The Office of Multicultural Affairs event encourages students to find out more about what USF has to offer.



By Daylina Miller

USF.edu News Writer


TAMPA, Fla. (August 31, 2010) – In the amphitheater outside of the Marshall Student Center

last Friday, music blasted from speakers as students lined up to get free pizza, snow cones and cotton candy.


Part of the Right Connections Unity Festival, display booths from various departments at USF - including Veterans Services, Leadership and Civic Engagement, Wellness USF and others - engaged students through display boards and student and faculty representatives.


The Office of Multicultural Affairs at USF wanted to give students the opportunity to meet other students, as well as to gather information from diverse departments at the university.


The booth specific to its office informed students of a new certification they could receive through a six-series class that will begins at the end of September.


The “Cultural Competence Certificate” is designed to prepare students for success in a global society by giving them the competency to benefit from academic, social, cultural and leadership opportunities on campus, as well as all over the world.


“When students go for their jobs and scholarships, they have to have cultural competence to have an edge over other students,” Talbani said. “This will open up opportunities all over the world for students.”


The program offers a certificate that will be listed on students’ co-curricular transcript so that they can present it to prospective grant and scholarship agencies, internships and employers.


The department also offers the “Safe Zone” Certificate Program, which allows students to be educated as allies to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community at USF. This program will offer students training from a “sensitivity perspective,” said Megan Pugh, a Safe Zone graduate assistant.


Aside from the educational opportunities offered to students at the festival, there was room for fun and play, as students demonstrated on a gladiator-style bounce house. Sophomores Jeff Lamb and Rick Crouse jousted with poles that looked like over-sized Q-tips.


“USF does a good job of welcoming freshmen and giving them the full USF experience,” said Lamb, commenting on the festival being a part of the Week of Welcome.


Good friends and freshmen, Krystal Olivieri and Alysia Weirich, attended events all week on campus.


 “There is always stuff to do on campus so it’s impossible to get homesick,”  Weirich said.


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