Outstanding Staff Award Winners

Forty employees honored at annual ceremony.

TAMPA, Fla. (Sept. 30, 2010) – With more than 300 faculty and staff in attendance, 40 USF employees were honored at the annual Outstanding Staff Awards ceremony held on Wednesday, Oct. 29. Each employee received a trophy and a $500 check to recognize the contributions they made to the university in 2009.

This year's award recipients are:

Mohammed “Ali” Akram – Academic Affairs

Beverly DeVine-Hoffmeyer – Academic Affairs

Bryant Tonkin – Academic Affairs

Demeda Allen – Academic Affairs

Elizabeth "Sheela" Fernandez – Academic Affairs

Ethan Goddard – Academic Affairs

Jennifer Vincent – Academic Affairs

Joseph Donnelly – Academic Affairs

Linda Kelbaugh – Academic Affairs

Samantha Hamm – Academic Affairs

Sandra Van Etten – Academic Affairs

Thomas Rogers – Academic Affairs

William Donahue - USF Health

Andrea Rudon - USF Health

Kathryn Zahn - USF Health

Martina "Mary" Goller - USF Health

Matthew Anderson - USF Health

Michael Spiegel - USF Health

Mary "Peggy" Smith - USF Health

Gloria Eckler - Student Affairs

Janet Ashmore - Student Affairs

Quentin Miller - Student Affairs

Tracy Tyree - Student Affairs

Kevin Maronic - Information Technology

Randall "Randy" Smith- Information Technology

Daniel Gemmell - University Communications & Marketing

Daniel Rafalano - University Communications & Marketing

Elizabeth Beall - Office of Research & Innovation

Sandra McDonald - Office of Research & Innovation

Stacy Brown - Business & Finance

Jennifer Condon - Business & Finance

Monica Fortunato - Business & Finance

Mark Lillquist - Business & Finance

James Neighbours - Business & Finance

Laura Pape - Business & Finance

Lori Withrow- Business & Finance

Susan Hurley – Lakeland

Maria Wallace – Sarasota

Mark Lickenfelt – St Petersburg

Gevan Peacock – St Petersburg

In addition, Tom Rogers and Daniel Rafalano received this year's Gabor Outstanding Employee of the Year awards.