Hillsborough County Election Information



The University of South Florida encourages eligible students, faculty and staff to exercise their right to vote. Early voting ends Saturday, Oct. 30. The general election is Tuesday, Nov. 2.


On Nov. 2, the University of South Florida houses Precinct 353. The polling location is the Marshall Student Center.


Fun Facts:

-       There are more than 678,000 registered voters in Hillsborough County.

-       Democrats top Republicans by 286,000 to 227,000. Others come in at 164,000.

-       Poll workers need to be registered voters in Hillsborough County.

-       Poll workers need to work a 14 hour day and “deal patiently and courteously” with everyone.

-       Hillsborough uses optical scan voting equipment. No hanging chads here.

-       Early voting ends on Saturday, Oct. 30.

-       26 people in Hillsborough are registered voters of the Surfers Party of America. One is registered with the Prohibition Party. See other affiliations here.


A quick guide to assist you in making an informed choice on Nov. 2.


Sample Ballot: Find it here.


What offices are up for election for Precinct 353? Find the answers here.


Printable voter guide in English or Spanish: Find it here.


List of Precincts and Polling Places: Find it here.


For further information on the election, visit the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections website.