USF Artist Featured in Guggenheim Competition

USF senior Lindsay Scoggins made the top 25 out of more than 23,000 entries in a worldwide video contest.



By Ashleigh N. Gallant

Special to News


TAMPA, Fla. (Nov. 10, 2009) – What happens when The Guggenheim Foundation releases a call to global online artists for their video work?


 Thousands respond and a truly inspirational night culminates the composition of the very best; including University of South Florida’s own Lindsay Scoggins.


Scoggins, a student in Professor Julie Weitz’s Senior Thesis Visual Arts class, made the top 25 out of 23,000 applicants for the video contest for her video work, Wonderland Mafia


The competition, YouTube Play. A Biennial of Creative Video, was sponsored by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum to showcase worldwide talent in the ever expanding field of video art. Their goal: to make the competition as far reaching as possible. In all, 91 countries ended up being represented.


The jury, comprised of 11 renowned individuals includes Chief Curator of the Guggenheim Museum, Nancy Spector, and Laurie Anderson, NASA’s first artist-in-residence.


The top 25 videos were broadcast on the iconic façade of The Guggenheim during the announcement on October 21, 2010. And, in front a live viral audience, The Guggenheim introduced to the world the top 25 video artists. Simultaneously airing online, on the façade of the New York Guggenheim and at the Guggenheim Museums in Bilbao, Berlin, and Venice, the evening was captured for all to see at


Scoggins says of her work, “I’m fascinated with the little moments in film when the sound and imagery perfectly coalesce.”


Her video, Wonderland Mafia, “is meant to illustrate a disjointed amalgamation of the media one encounters in adulthood versus childhood. Juxtaposition of contrasting elements recalls the phenomena of rapid textural encrustation in the world of new media. This marriage of appropriated content, both classical and modern, is intended to activate the viewer's associative memory, inducing personal reflection upon their collective media experience.” 


If you search for her video, Wonderland Mafia, you’ll find over 1.5 million views on YouTube. Hundreds of other artists have shared her video on other sources like vimeo, garnering well over 2 million views. When asked what she thought of the idea of 2 million people watching her video, she said, “It’s a great feeling.  It’s important for information to be freely exchanged online.”


WARNING: Some may consider the content in this link offensive. Click this link to watch Wonderland Mafia. The video uses the lyrics of Three 6 Mafia and the song “Smokin’ on da dro,” which is about women who try to get drugs for free.


Ashleigh Gallant, director of marketing and communication for USF’s College of the Arts, can be reached at 813-974-1756.