USF’s Top Teachers, Researchers Honored at Annual Reception

TAMPA, Fla. (Dec. 16, 2010) -- At the heart of every great university are faculty who excel as educators, researchers, and mentors. Each year, the University of South Florida honors faculty who have demonstrated outstanding accomplishments in the classroom, the laboratory, and the university community. Hosted by USF President Judy Genshaft, the Faculty Honors and Awards Reception is an annual celebration of faculty contributions to the university and academia.


“I am proud of the collaboration and interdisciplinary focus of USF, but we also remain mindful that a single individual can have a great impact on our campus and on the lives of our students,” said Genshaft. “The hard work and achievements of our faculty set a high standard for excellence among their peers and provide our students with role models in which to base their own future successes.”


During the ceremony, 13 faculty were granted the Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award while six professional academic advisors received the Outstanding Undergraduate Advising Award.  


Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award

Tamara Baker, Associate Professor of Aging Studies 

Ambar Basu, Assistant Professor of Communication

Catherine Beneteau, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Sanjukta Bhanja, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering

Judith Becker Bryant, Professor of Psychology and Area Director for Cognition, Neuroscience and Social Psychology

Danielle Dennis, Assistant Professor of Childhood Education & Literacy Studies

Nicole Discenza, Associate Professor of English

Laura Gonzalez, Assistant Professor of Nursing 

Marty Gould, Assistant Professor of English

Victoria Panzer, Instructor of Marketing

Sandra Robinson, Associate Professor of Dance

Lori Roscoe, Assistant Professor of Communication

Ryan Toomey, Assistant Professor of Chemical & Biomedical Engineering


Outstanding Undergraduate Advising Award

Mildred Abreu, School of Architecture and Community Design

Jennifer Infanti, Office of Student Services

Reginal Lucien, Honors College

Bonnie Martin, Undergraduate Programs

John Morgan, Engineering Academic Advising

Denise Nicholas Williams, Mass Communications


The outstanding contributions of teaching, service, and scholarship of three faculty members were also recognized as the university granted three of its most prestigious awards for exceptional works.


Robert McCormick, professor of music, received the Jerome Krivanek Distinguished Teacher Award, which recognizes professorial ranked faculty members who are noted for their outstanding contributions to teaching. In his 36 years at USF, McCormick has served the university and the music profession with a distinguished career as a performer, conductor, teacher, and mentor. He conducts the nationally-recognized USF Percussion Ensemble and Marimba Ensemble; and in addition to his teaching and research activities, he is a timpanist with Opera Tampa and frequent performer with several professional orchestras and chamber groups. 


Bill Kinder, professor of Psychology, received the Distinguished Service Award, which recognizes professorial-ranked faculty who display outstanding evidence of support service to the university, the community, and the profession or discipline. Considered one of the most seminal leaders in the field of personality assessment, Dr. Kinder has contributed 17 years of editorial service to the Journal of Personality Assessment, the premier scholarly journal of the discipline. In his 34 years at USF, Dr. Kinder has served on 184 master’s thesis and doctoral dissertation committees and is known in the department for volunteering to teach some of the most rigorous and labor intensive courses in psychology at USF.


Dmitry Khavinson, professor of mathematics, received the Theodore and Venette Askounes-Ashford Distinguished Scholar Award, which recognizes professorial ranked faculty who have documented evidence of contributions that extend human consciousness, both intellectual and aesthetic. Dr. Khavinson’s colleagues noted the national attention his scholarship has garnered, including a famous theorem he recently proved that solved a problem in astrophysics. In his nearly 30 years as a mathematician, Dr. Khavinson’s work has been noted as some of the most prominent contributions to the fields of mathematical physics and functional theory.


Karen Holbrook, Senior Vice President for Research, Innovation & Global Affairs, recognized the winners of the university’s top research awards, which were first announced in October during Research One, a week-long celebration of USF research. Ten faculty received the Outstanding Research Achievement Award, which is granted to faculty whose research, scholarship, or artistic accomplishments received noteworthy peer recognition at the national or international level. The rigorous selection process includes nominations by department chairs and college deans followed by review and recommendation of the USF Faculty Senate Research Council. The 2010 Outstanding Research Achievement Award was granted to the following faculty members:


Outstanding Research Achievement Award

Amina Alio, Research Assistant Professor of Community and Family Health

Matthias M. Batzill, Assistant Professor of Physics

Elizabeth Bird, Professor of Anthropology

Jerri D. Edwards, Associate Professor of Aging Studies

Carolyn S. Ellis, Professor of Communication

Cecile A. Lengacher, Professor of Nursing

Lynn Bloxom Martin, Assistant Professor of Integrative Biology

Casey W. Miller, Assistant Professor of Physics

Eric A. Storch, Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Thomas R. Unnasch, Professor of Global Health


The Office of Research and Innovation also awarded two faculty members the Excellence in Innovation Award for their contribution to commercialization and potentially important products for society. Awardees are nominated by department chairs and college deans and then undergo a peer review by members of the USF Academic of Inventors. Patricia Kruk, professor of Pathology and Cell Biology in the College of Medicine, received the award for her work in the development of urinary biomarkers for cancer detection.  She has a patent pending for her method to detect ovarian cancer, and also generated more than $1.6 million in research funding. Donald Haynie, Associate Professor of Physics in the College of Arts & Sciences, received the award for his entrepreneurial work in multiple patents and the foundation of BioLaminex, Inc., a startup company in USF Connect. 


Fifty six faculty who retired from USF during the 2009-2010 academic year were also honored at the reception. USF’s retired faculty members are mentors to many younger faculty and have paved the way for those who followed them. 


Retired Faculty, 2009-2010

Winston Adair, Retiring Professor, Molecular Medicine

Rosalie Baum, Retiring Associate Professor Emeritus, English

William Blank, Retiring Professor Emeritus, Adult, Career & Higher Education

Stuart Brooks, Retiring Professor, Environmental & Occupational Health

Denis Calandra, Retiring Professor Emeritus, School of Theatre & Dance

Enrico Camporesi, Retiring Professor Emeritus, Molecular Pharmacology & Physiology

Larry Carey, Professor Emeritus, Surgery

Cynthia Cohen, Retiring Professor Emeritus, Management & Organization

Murray Cohen, Retiring Associate Professor Emeritus, Information Systems & Decision Sciences

Marie Jeannine Coreil, Retiring Professor, Community & Family Health

Jerry Crittenden, Retiring Associate Professor Emeritus, Communication Sciences & Disorders

William Emener, Retiring Professor Emeritus, Rehabilitation Counseling

Frederick Essig, Retiring Associate Professor Emeritus, Integrative Biology

Ilene Frank, Retiring Professor Emeritus, Tampa Campus Library

Robert Friedman, Retiring Professor Emeritus, Child & Family Services

Noorbibi Day-Good, Retiring Professor Emeritus, Pediatrics

John Hassell, Retiring Professor Emeritus, Molecular Medicine

Lawrence Heilos, Retiring Professor, Tampa Campus Library

John Hodgson, Retiring Professor Emeritus, Economics

Susan Homan, Retiring Professor Emeritus, Childhood Education & Literacy Studies

Lee Ann Howlett, Retiring Librarian, Health Sciences Library

Debra Huffman, Retiring Research Associate, College of Marine Science

Thomas Johnson Jr., Associate Professor Emeritus, Information Systems & Decision Sciences

Mary Kaplan, Retiring Instructor, School of Aging Studies

Stephanie Karran, Retiring Instructor, Center for Economic Education

R. Kennedy Keller, Retiring Professor Emeritus, Molecular Medicine

Billy Kinder, Retiring Professor Emeritus, Psychology

Mary Jerome Leavy, Retiring Instructor, Psychological & Social Foundations

Edward Levine, Retiring Professor Emeritus, Psychology

Charles Lyman, Jr., Professor Emeritus, School of Art & Art History

Louis Marcus, Retiring Professor, School of Art & Art History

Marsha Marley, Retiring Professor, Social Work

Thomas McLaughlin, Associate Professor Emeritus, School of Art & Art History

Randy Earl Miller, Retiring Associate Professor Emeritus, Mass Communications

Amna Mohamed, Retiring Assistant Director, World Languages

Jorge Nef, Retiring Professor, Government & International Affairs

Michael Nolan, Professor Emeritus, Pathology & Cell Biology

John Ogden, Retiring Professor Emeritus, Integrative Biology

William Henry Parrott, Retiring Associate Professor Emeritus, School of Accountancy

James Paul, Retiring Professor, Special Education

Maria Paul, Retiring Faculty Assistant, Education, Dean’s Office

Bernard Pollara, Retiring Professor Emeritus, Pediatrics

Diane Powell, Retiring Assistant Professor, Division of Applied Research & Educational Support

Leon D. Prockop, Retiring Professor Emeritus, Neurology

William Michael Reid, Associate Professor Emeritus, Environmental & Occupational Health

Janet Scaglione, Retiring Associate Professor, Adult, Career & Higher Education

Gary Sherman, Retiring Rehabilitation Engineer, Mechanical Engineering

David Stamps, Retiring Professor Emeritus, Sociology

Averill Summer, Retiring Associate Professor Emeritus, School of Music

Nancy Tyson, Retiring Associate Professor Emeritus, English

Thomas Wade, Retiring  Professor Emeritus, Electrical Engineering

Gretchen Warren, Professor Emeritus, School of Theatre & Dance

Raymond Widen, Retiring Instructor, Molecular Medicine

David Williams, Retiring Associate Professor, School of Theatre & Dance

Lynne Wimmer, Retiring Professor, School of Theatre & Dance

John Paul Zak, Retiring Associate Professor Emeritus, Psychiatry & Neuroscience