Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Conference Cancelled

An academic conference examining the scope and impact of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill scheduled for Feb. 9-11 in St. Petersburg has been cancelled. The conference was organized to bring together representatives from academia, government, NGOs and the private sector to consider the issues related to off-shore drilling, the state of research into the impact of the spill and the translation of scientific findings into policy and management decisions for the future.


In announcing the cancellation, conference chairs William T. Hogarth, Acting Director, Florida Institute of Oceanography; Michael P. Crosby, Senior Vice President for Research, Mote Marine Laboratory; and Robert H. Weisberg, Distinguished University Professor of Physical Oceanography, University of South Florida, released the following statement:


“Unfortunately, in the past week, it has become apparent to us that a number of competing national events made it extremely unlikely that the conference would be able to attract the audience that our distinguished speakers, presenters and participants deserve, and we have reluctantly made the decision to cancel the conference. We have had limited registration for the conference and, in evaluating the reasons and the feasibility of going forward, we realized that there were a number of different, unanticipated conflicts. These include the release of the BP RFP, with an anticipated deadline that would make it difficult for researchers to be away during the second week of February; legislative calendars which not only occupy our legislators and their staffs, but may also require expert-witness testimony; and, perhaps most significantly, a Gulf of Mexico oil disaster symposium to be held as part of a major conference hosted by the National Conference on Science, Policy and the Environment (NCSE), which features many of the same topics and some of the speakers scheduled for our conference only three weeks later. These events, all of which involve to some extent our anticipated audience, presenters, and speakers, caused us to reevaluate the practicality and, frankly, the wisdom of moving forward when we could not guarantee the forum we had envisioned.”


Registration fees will be refunded in full. For more information, contact