10-Week Weight Management Program

The USF Health Management Group will be offering a 10-week Weight Management Program beginning Feb. 3, 2011.


The Weight Management Program provides a cognitive behavioral approach to lifestyle changes for long-term weight management success! The program will focus on lifestyle changes that promote weight loss by reducing calories and increasing physical activity. Each session is designed to teach psychological skills to help modify behavior that undermines weight loss.


Additionally, the program will focus on developing cognitive skills to think differently about diet, physical activity, and weight loss and stay motivated.


The program will include an educational component, followed by group discussion that will focus on applying the information learned to one’s daily life. The sessions will be conducted in small groups on Thursday evenings from 6 to 8 pm.


The total cost for the 10-week program $100.00, which is due at the first meeting. The workshop fee includes 10 two-hour sessions, a notebook, pedometer, and weight management manual that will be used throughout the program.


Space is limited. To register or for more information please contact the USF Psychological Services Center at 813-974-2496.