USF Offers Bike-Share Program

Campus Recreation offers a bike-share program for students that lets them borrow bikes for on-campus or off-campus riding, as well as to make repairs on their own.



By Daylina Miller News Writer


TAMPA, Fla. (Jan. 19, 2011) – As part of the growing green initiative at the University of South Florida, Campus Recreation has created a bike-share program for students called “Borrow Our Bikes.”


USF had a bike-share program in the past but it fizzled out after the bikes disappeared, said D.J. Pollock, the outdoor recreation coordinator for campus recreation. The new program is structured so that the bikes are tracked and students who borrow them are held responsible.


The program was created last fall and the number of bikes available for rental has almost doubled, Pollock said. Last semester, there were nearly 1,600 bike check-outs.


“Students can go ride around campus or take the bike to a park,” said Pollock. “We allow them to take the bikes off campus. Commuter students who park in the park-n-ride lots can get a bike and use it all day around campus.”


Students who want to check out a bike can go to outdoor recreation in room 13, located at the campus rec center, to check out a mountain or cruiser bike, lock, key and helmet. Students also need to sign a liability waiver form and agreement form for the bike rental.


Bikes are free to check out but if you don’t return your bike by 10 a.m. the following business day, you’re subject to a $10 late fee each day the bike is not returned. Damage to the bike, beyond normal wear and tear, is also subject to fines.


In addition to renting out bikes, students can bring their own bikes to Room 13 and use their tools to make minor repairs. Student employees are there to assist when needed. Minor parts, like inner tubes and brake pads, are available for purchase.


“If you live in the residence halls, you probably don’t have the tools to make adjustments on your bikes,” Pollock said.


Pollock hopes that by spring break, outdoor recreation will be equipped with the tools to repair skateboards and longboards, too.

Daylina Miller covers student activities and trends. She can be reached at 813-500-8754.