Hillsborough Students Benefit from Africana Studies Event

During the three-hour event, students spoke to native Africans, learned customs, experienced African fine arts activities and viewed African artifacts.

TAMPA, Fla. (Jan. 23, 2011) – In the Marshall Student Center ballroom on Thursday, Jan. 20, the University of South Florida Department of Africana Studies/ Institute on Black Life sponsored a symposium entitled "Many Faces of Africa" for Hillsborough County public school students. 


Clara Cobb, Coordinator and moderator for the event, strongly believes students benefit from attending the symposium in at least five major ways:


·         It will add to the information they receive in courses in history
and/or social studies

·         help them recognize that the continent is a land of great
 human diversity

·         enhance their appreciation of diversity in the United States
 and the world

·         develop in them the knowledge or attitudes needed in this age
of globalism

·         afford them the opportunity to experience African culture

- Text and slideshow by Aimee Blodgett / USF.edu News.