Student Success Task Force Update

The 2009-2010 Student Success Task Force Report outlined key strategic goals to enhance student success at the University of South Florida. The report also identified three key reforms deemed necessary to support the student success initiative, one of which was to further the institutional research capacity of the university in order to support current and future student success initiatives.


Through the support of the Student Success Council spearheaded by Vice Provost Paul Dosal, the Planning & Analysis team in the Office of Decision Support was afforded the opportunity to play an integral role in student success efforts.


In support of this new role, the Planning & Analysis team has added three new three new research professionals to the group, consisting of a Research & Policy Analyst, Research & Statistical Analyst, and Research Associate. The three new team members possess expertise and skill sets that make Planning & Analysis even better equipped to expand quantitative and qualitative research and analyses services that will both make an impact on USF’s student success initiative and inform decision-making at the university.