Steinways In The House

On its way to becoming a Steinway School, the USF School of Music took possession of its first delivery of the celebrated instruments.


TAMPA, Fla. (Feb. 6, 2011) – Gathering with balloons, matching t-shirts and giddy excitement, students and faculty from the University of South Florida’s School of Music recently stood outside of their new music building, waiting. 


As the big, white semi-truck pulled up, they started to clap. They start to jump. They smiled from ear to ear. With finesse and ease, the men unloaded two 9-foot Steinway concert grands -- widely considered the best pianos in the world.


With these pianos, the USF School of Music is another step closer to a Steinway School designation. Each piano takes more than a year to make. When the new building officially opens, it will have 87 Steinways, worth about $3.4 million.


Check out the video below by News videographer Amy Mariani to hear Artistic Director of the Steinway Series Svetozar Ivanov talk about the national prestige of the pianos and to hear master's student Jana Ceteleva play.