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Session One of the second Management Certificate Program will take place Feb. 16 from 1 - 4 p.m. Interested individuals are encouraged to register today!


The Management Certificate Program is designed to provide participants with a structured holistic learning experience focusing on the key skills and competencies needed to manage effectively. The target audience for the program includes supervisors and managers new to USF (hired or promoted within the past year); experienced managers completing learning goals identified in their development plan; and aspiring managers nominated by their manager and VP.

Participants in the current MCP comment:


“Totally useful.”


“Excited to see what I can use on my project.”


“I make flowcharts and this will help work with the paper aspect.”


“This will help me be more organized and feel more confident.”


“Different way to look at how things can get processed.”


“Really enjoyed the assessments good information.”


In this program, participants will learn to:


Understand work styles and how to maximize people’s abilities to accomplish goals and achieve outcomes.


Apply strategies for effective meetings that improve team effectiveness.


Practice methods that reduce misunderstandings, clarify expectations, and reinforce a positive environment through communication.


Utilize skills of assessing, coaching, and goal setting to manage improved performance.


Review and employ principles of process improvement with department projects.


Exercise methods to reduce conflict and establish agreements to cooperate on goal achievement.


Identify areas for professional development and put to use a plan to improve personal effectiveness.


Program Features include:


Interactive learning experiences


Assessment instruments including a professional 360 degree feedback assessment, the DiSC profile, a Strength Finder Instrument and Learning Style inventory.


Guest speakers provide expertise in the areas of process improvement, managing disagreement, communication and team development


Participants will complete a personal development plan based on objective feedback and initiate a project that will improve organizational outcomes.


Professional coaching is also part of the program with coach training provided by the Tampa Bay Professional Coaching Association.


This program delivers opportunities for professional growth and skill development for improved performance as a manager and leader at USF.


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