Physical Plant Increases Level of Service at USF Tampa Campus

In continued efforts to enhance the on-campus experience of USF students, faculty, staff and visitors, the Physical Plant Department has announced an increase in the level of service it provides at the USF Tampa campus.

Initiatives recently implemented to increase maintenance services and improve the physical environment of the USF Tampa buildings include:


Trash pickup in offices has been expanded from one time per week to three times per week.

Office vacuuming, which used to be on an “as requested” basis, will now be done once a month.


We have allocated additional resources to monitor and service bathrooms campus wide.


The level of general daytime custodial services has been increased in high traffic academic buildings. 


Specialized floor care teams have been created to enhance the overall appearance of campus building floors. These teams will focus only on floor care and will systematically clean, wax, and buff the floors on a regular basis.


Grounds service has expanded its litter pickup and outdoor trash service to improve the campus outdoor space.


Along with the above increases in service, the Physical Plant Department has created "special teams" that will focus on improving the function and appearance of individual buildings. The special teams will move from building to building, improving the functionality and appearance as they go from one building to another.


We are confident that these initiatives will make a significant positive impact to campus facilities. As always, the Physical Plant Department welcomes your feedback and suggestions on how it can better serve the university community. To submit feedback, email Adrian Cuarta, Director, Physical Plant: