Printing and Graphic Design Services

Have you been tasked with producing a poster, flier, ad, sign, map, newsletter, magazine, or annual report? Does your department need assistance from a professional graphic designer? USF Printing & Graphic Design Services provides printing and graphic design assistance to university departments for nominal fee of $50.00 per hour.


Services include:


Assistance with all aspects of your printing project, to include writing copy, publication design, paper & ink selection, digital file preparation, printing specifications and more.


Competitively-priced professional graphic design.


Assistance with design and ordering of a wide variety of promotional materials and imprinted products, including signs, banners, posters, mugs, pens, cups, T-shirts, lanyards, etc.


Huge library of stock photos and high-quality art, featuring more than 50,000 images.


Conversion of your text and/or files to printer-friendly formats.


Conversion of your design to multiple file formats for a variety of uses, including print, Web, PDF, PMS colors, process color, etc.


Assurance that your publication complies with the USF Visual Identity and Graphic Standards Manual, published by University Communications and Marketing.


Collaboration with the USF Post Office to ensure that your mailing meets U.S. Postal regulations that allow you to save money by using the university's non-profit indicia.


For complete details, please visit the USF Printing & Graphic Design Services website, or call Steve Long at 813-974-4118.