TECO Helicopter Inspections Begin March 7

On March 7, TECO will begin its annual Infrared (IR) Patrol. The IR inspections primarily involve transmission lines up to TECO’s point of termination. In the case of the USF Tampa campus, TECO’s lines are on the campus perimeter. The main body of the campus will not be affected, but there is a chance the helicopter could cross over onto the campus at various points. Depending on weather, the TECO inspections should take 6-7 days to complete.


On March 17, TECO will begin Infrared (IR) Patrol of approximately 3,000 structures. Again, the main body of the USF Tampa campus will not be affected, but a helicopter might cross over onto the campus at some point. This round of inspections will be completed in early April.


The IR Patrol is a low level inspection, typically 10-20 feet above the structure tops, conducted with a camera mounted to the belly of a helicopter. All transmission circuits from the power plants to the substations throughout TECO’s service territory will be scanned. The helicopter moves continuously during this patrol but will hover or circle for a few minutes in order to document any deficiencies that are found. 


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