Undergraduate Admissions Hosts Middle School Students

USF is committed to student success and community engagement. During the month of May, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions will further demonstrate this commitment by hosting its second annual series of Hillsborough County Middle School AVID Days.


Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is a program that targets the academic middle of students in elementary, middle, high school and postsecondary schools who have the desire to attend college and perseverance to commit to success. The AVID program often serves students who will be the first in their families to attend college and/or are from lower-income or minority backgrounds. Through research based methods of effective instruction and a committed support system, these students are given the tools and resources needed to succeed.


National research shows that AVID programs send one-third more students to four-year colleges than the local and national average, and 89 percent of those who start college remain enrolled two years later. In addition, more than twice the percentage of students with two years of middle school AVID typically take three or more AP classes in high school than those with only one year or no AVID experience.


Over the course of eight days, 44 local middle schools will each bring approximately 50 AVID students to the USF campus to learn about student life, the benefits of going to college and how to prepare for admissions. Their visit will include several interactive and informational activities, a campus tour, the opportunity to eat lunch on campus, and interaction with current USF students.


This partnership between Hillsborough County's AVID programs and the university began in 2009 when USF hosted its first series of AVID Days for close to 2,000 high school students. Since then, USF has provided AVID Days in the fall semester for high schools and in the spring semester for middle schools.


The Green & Gold Guides (G3), a student organization which provides campus tours to prospective students and families while supporting the recruitment efforts of the university, are an integral part of the planning and implementation of these events. They provide a student's prospective on college life while inspiring young minds to aim high, work hard and achieve success they may otherwise think is unattainable. The AVID Day events present students with first-hand information on what they should do to prepare for college, how to obtain financial aid and scholarships, and demonstrate how college is much more than an education – it's an experience.