USF Launches Student Employment@USF Initiative

As part of the Student Success Movement at USF, the Division of Human Resources has been charged with centralizing, enhancing, and increasing on-campus student employment opportunities for USF students. 


Last year, the Student Success Task Force identified on-campus student employment a key component of student success at USF. Research suggests that on-campus student employment and experiential learning opportunities play a critical role in improving student learning and student success. Conversely, working off-campus and/or working too many hours can negatively impact student success. In addition to the research, the Student Success Task acknowledges that many of our USF students either work or have the desire to work.


To this end, the Vice Provost of Student Success and the VP of Administrative Services are asking the USF community to actively support the goals of Student Employment@USF. 


Goal #1: Centralize the advertising of all temporary positions for undergraduate and graduate students in the Careers@USF system ( By May 2012, it is expected that every department will use Careers@USF to post their temporary hires. We are confident you will find the Careers@USF system effective and more efficient for your student hiring needs. And we may be able to make modifications to meet your needs – just ask.


Goal #2: Enhance student employment experiences beyond general support functions to provide meaningful work experiences that translate well into each student’s career goals. For departments, the focus for this priority should be on developing learning outcomes and transferrable skills. To this end, HR is developing a supervisor’s training for those who provide direct supervision to student employees. The training will teach supervisors to develop learning outcomes and evaluate their student employees. Invitations to attend are coming soon.


Goal #3: Increase student employment opportunities by: (1) refraining from cutting student employment whenever possible, (2) evaluating department budgets and workload needs to see if any student employment positions can be created, (3) making it a practice to consider hiring students for temporary appointments not normally filled by students, (4) considering ways student employment positions could help your department achieve its goals for improvement of services and cost-savings.


Please note that the Division of Human Resources is committed to providing each department with the autonomy to manage their student employee recruitment, selection, and hiring decisions while simultaneously providing maximum support to help each department achieve its goals. The Careers@USF system is highly sophisticated and allows for flexibility in managing recruitment and selection, without impeding your ability to manage your hiring process. 


For more information, email Cynthia Bacheller.


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