Honors College and Graduate School Moving into the Administrative Building

During the month of May, the Honors College and the Graduate School will relocate to the second floor of the Administration Building.


The Honors College will take up residence in their location the week of May 9, with the Graduate School moving to their location the week of May 23. These moves to a more central location on campus will provide the Honors College and the Graduate School with much needed additional space and will enhance the USF experience for students, faculty and staff.


Stuart Silverman, Dean of the Honors College, and Karen Liller, Dean of the Graduate School, share their thoughts about the upcoming move.


"We are delighted to be in a location which is accessible to all of our students and to prospective students and their families," said Stuart Silverman, dean of the Honors College. "Having five beautiful classrooms and an enhanced lounge/computer lab will allow our students even more opportunities to work, study and interact with one another and the faculty who teach in the Honors College. I hope that our proximity to the Graduate School will help to motivate even more of our students to continue their education beyond the bachelor's degree."


"The Graduate School is very excited about our new location as we believe that we will be able to reach even more students through our central campus location and look forward to working with our Honors College neighbors as we prepare present-day and future global leaders---one scholar at a time!" said Karen Liller, dean of the Graduate School. "We will have beautiful additional space to offer more workshops and programs and grow several of our activities such as research. We look forward to meeting more students and welcoming them to our community of scholars and family of learners."