Can Art Change the World?

In an effort to communicate and challenge assumptions and prejudices, USF students present powerful exhibit.


Special to USF News


TAMPA, Fla. – The student exhibit featured images with captions, challenging passersby to rethink stereotypes and prejudices associated with every day experiences.


Part of the “Creativity Project” in professor Alaina Tackitt’s humanities class, USF students modeled the project after French artist/activist JR and his question: “Can art change the world?” The USF project was titled: “From Binaries to Bulls: the (Re)Construction of Identity at the University of South Florida.”


The project’s goal was to “communicate across languages, to make students consider assumptions/prejudices, to highlight the diversity on campus and to unite the student body.” The students used images with captions that debunked prejudices associated with classic stereotypes.


The presentation occurred Wednesday across campus.


On Thursday, at 6:15 p.m., students will hold an exhibit and reception in the Marshall Center Ballroom C to share the project and reveal the answer to the question “Can we change USF through art.”  After they gather the results of the experiment, they plan to send a video documentary of the project and its findings to JR.