New IT Services for Students

USF Information Technology is excited to announce three brand new services for USF students. These new services will provide students with a more enhanced learning environment, anytime access to different software, and increased access to free printing.  


Virtual Applications:


The USF Application Portal,, is now live and available for all USF students. Students can now login with their NetID to the portal and have access to over 80 different software applications from any computer with a browser at any time. Students are now able to access software that was previously only available at the computer labs on campus, or at the USF Computer Store for purchase. can be accessed from many different devices including Windows based PCs, Linux based PCs, Macs, iPhones, and iPads. Students may also print directly from the portal to many of the printers in the Tampa campus labs, or save their work using the new UStoreFiles central storage location. New applications are being added on a regular basis. For more information abou the application portal, click here. The project is made possible by the USF Student Technology Fee.




UStoreFiles has been implemented to help students keep track of their assignments as they shuffle around campus. Students can now store their files on one central file location, the S drive, and access it on or off campus from different locations including many Tampa campus computer labs, the new USF Application Portal, as well as a home computer. UStoreFiles has up to 4 GB of memory, and is also home to students’ MyWeb files and CIRCE Computational Cluster storage. Although Information Technology has taken reasonable precautions to make sure data is secure, students should always create their own backup for the data they store on UStoreFiles. For more information, visit UStoreFiles. UStoreFiles is made possible by the USF Student Technology Fee.


Free Printing:


Increased access to free printing is being offered by Student Government in partnership with Information Technology, beginning with summer sessions 2011. This expansion will allow students to print for free at many of the Tampa campus computer labs, as well as from the USF Application Portal, Students will be given an allotment of $2.50 per day that can be used towards printing or copying. Once the student uses their allotment of $2.50 for a day, they can continue to print at the normal pay for print rates.


New, high end color copier/printers are also being installed in the Marshall Center, Library, and other areas on campus as part of this project. The cost of color prints is also being reduced from 30 cents per print to 25 cents per print.


For all the latest IT news, visit the Information Technology website.