Music Courses for High Schoolers

School of Music online courses are open to high school sophomores, juniors and seniors.


TAMPA, Fla. (May 17, 2011) – High school students anxious to go to college don’t have to wait.


The University of South Florida is offering  online courses designed for motivated  students entering their sophomore, junior and senior years.  The USF Summer 2011 Online Music Program designed just for them provides the opportunity to explore interests in music and study with college faculty, whether they have just started or have been studying music for years.


The USF Summer 2011 Online Music Program features three introductory music education courses:


·         Jazz: the Great American Art Form will explore the origins of jazz music, the most prominent artists and literature, historical perspectives, and the American cultural and social dynamics that impacted the development of jazz music.


·         The Craft and Business of Songwriting is an introductory course on how to write, perform, and market songs. The basics of song crafting will be explored.


·         The Music of the Beatles will examine the change in musical style and substance in the music of the Beatles, from their first recordings through the end of their time together.


The USF Summer 2011 Online Music Program is offered by the USF University College and the USF School of Music in the College of The Arts. The online six-week program will run from June 27 through  Aug.  5 and the cost per course is $587.40. The program is open to qualified high school students in good academic standing.  Previous music experience is not required.  Applications must be submitted by Jun. 15.


These classes provide an opportunity to start students on their journey into different avenues of music.


“If you love music, you will find any of these courses compelling,” stated David Williams, music education faculty member and associate director of the School of Music. “They are great first steps into the world of music, and they are available for any high school student regardless of prior experience with music. This is a wonderful summer opportunity for any high school student to grow musically and to earn college credits.”


In addition to "The Music of the Beatles," which Williams will teach, Jack Wilkins, director of Jazz Studies at USF will present "Jazz: The Great American Art Form," and "The Craft and Business of Songwriting" will be taught by one of USF’s newest music education faculty Clint Randles.


Information about the USF Summer 2011 Online Music Program is available at For more details on the program and how to apply, please contact Kathy Barnes at (813) 974-8031 or via email at