Emergency Blue Lights on USF Tampa Campus Shining Brighter

You may have noticed something different about the blue emergency lights around the USF Tampa campus. If so, you were right! Physical Plant worked with the manufacturer to obtain a newer brighter version of the blue lights and has replaced all 70 units around campus. The upgraded blue lights use high efficiency LED technology so the energy consumption is minimal and the light is bright. USF is one of the first sites using the new, improved, and brighter blue lights.


There’s also another way that you can enhance personal safety measures. Working like a "pocket blue phone," Guardian, an initiative implemented by USF’s Division of Public Safety, turns a cell phone into a mobile safety device when subscribers activate a "precautionary timer" as they travel from one area of the campus to another. The timer is set as the individual leaves a location and will alert the University Police if that person does not call to cancel the timer in a specified amount of time. (View flier here.)


There is no charge for the Guardian service for USF students, faculty and staff. Using technology from Rave Mobile Safety, it is a voluntary, opt-in program and the location and personal information of a subscriber are only accessible by emergency personnel when contact is initiated by the individual. To sign up for Guardian, simply log on to www.mobull.usf.edu and follow the steps. It takes only minutes to add this safety feature to your cell phone.


The blue emergency lights and Guardian are just two of the many safety initiatives implemented on the USF Tampa campus. Visit the Public Safety website for more information on USF’s safety initiatives and the latest emergency information. You'll also find excellent information on how to prepare for an emergency, as well as links to other emergency and public safety websites.


Division of Public Safety