Florida Governor Signs Budget

Florida has experienced a tough year for education funding at all levels. But USF is very pleased to be able to finally move forward on the construction of the new campus of USF Polytechnic in Lakeland as it has been in the works for more than ten years. The Governor has approved $35 million for USF Polytechnic which will enable the campus to open with its first building, the Science and Technology facility. It will also enable the work to be done to complete the basic infrastructure for the campus, making the land accessible and buildable. Four previous sums were approved for the construction of the USF Polytechnic new campus in the amounts of $3.7 million, $1.7 million, $15 million, $11.4 million. The $35 million approved today was the final amount needed to complete this first building. To read more, click here.   


Two additional amounts for construction on this new campus were vetoed. 


The first amount is $10 million for the College of Pharmacy, part of USF Health. This was the first sum which would be allocated towards the construction of a $24 million building. The USF Health College of Pharmacy will move forward and accept its first students in the fall in the existing space on the Tampa campus. USF Health has planned all along to open the College of Pharmacy in Fall 2011 within existing space until a new facility could be constructed to house the program at some point in future. 


The second amount of $1 million represents planning funds for the USF Polytechnic Interdisciplinary Center for Excellence in Wellness. Although this amount was not approved today, a generous donor recently announced a $5 million gift to be allocated to this new building.


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