Interdisciplinary Passages

A new class brought together students in architecture, dance and video to create collaborate works of art.



By Amy Mariani

USF News


TAMPA, Fla. (June 10, 2011) -- Combining the arts of dance, video and architecture, University of South Florida students came together this summer to create a mixed media performance in a first-of-its kind class.


Over the span of four weeks, the Architecture + Dance + Video Collaborative class brought together students from each discipline to create “Passages,” a performance about body, movement and structure.


“They were looking at the concept and inter-relationships of those things,” said Merry Lynn Morris, academic advisor for the School of Theater and Dance.


Morris explains that the chance for students to work together in such a way provided them opportunity to move out of their comfort zone and learn from each other.


“This opportunity is pretty rare.” Morris said. “There were moments where a dance student was directing an architecture student with some movement gestures.”


An art exhibit showcasing the performance and some of its props and set pieces will be open in Room 102 of the Fine Arts building for about two weeks.


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