Internal Form for External Funding Proposals Required as of July 1

As of July 1, 2011, USF researchers applying for external funding must submit a completed and signed internal form for all proposals submitted through the Division of Sponsored Research. 


The online Proposal Authorization Form or "Internal Form" is designed to streamline and improve the overall grant submission process. Users must register to use the form the first time. In addition to creating a user name and password, users can indicate research interests to receive future information relevant to their research projects.


Benefits of the Internal Form include allowing users to enter contact information only once (future forms are automatically populated with contact information), utilize electronic signatures to avoid routing delays, view forms in progress, pending, signed or archived, attach support documents, and submit the form with the proposal.


Information collected by the Internal Form is used by department chairs, deans, directors, and regional chancellors to determine availability of resources such as space, cost-share, in-kind, and matching funds, and whether Facilities and Administration (F&A) assessments will be kept whole or shared.


University administrators utilize the information to aid investigators at an early stage, for example, to manage potential financial conflicts of interest, establish risk management plans, determine support needed for management and approval of biohazards, radioactive materials, diving safety, human subjects and use of laboratory animals, advise and comply with needs related to international activities, and become aware of cost accounting standard exceptions for federal and federal flow-through awards.


Training workshops are available on the TRAIN® website. On-site training may be arranged by contacting the TRAIN® HelpOne line at (813) 974-3571. For assistance, contact your Sponsored Research Administrator.