Green & Gold Guides Represent USF at National Student Recruitment Conference

The Green & Gold Guides (G3), a volunteer student organization sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, represented the University of South Florida at the 15th annual National Student Recruitment Conference last week. Thirty-eight colleges and universities attended the conference which was held at the University of Pittsburgh.


 This was the second year that the Green & Gold Guides attended the conference. Having grown and changed tremendously over the past three years, the G3s presented on the evolution of their organization, their improved recruitment and selection process, and the ways in which they support the USF community. Representatives for USF included Justin McNabb (G3 Administrative Executive Director), Kristine Carcione (Athletics Executive Director), Leslie Ann Lopez (Outreach & Access Executive Director), Stephanie Fred (Marketing & Recruitment Executive Director), and Jonathan Earnest (G3 Advisor & Visitation Coordinator).


“One of the things I enjoyed most about the conference was participating in an open forum with other campus tour guides from around the country to share ideas and gain alternate viewpoints on methods of providing a quality visit program to prospective students,” reported Justin, a senior majoring in Geology. “I can’t express the value of being able to present at a national conference on the achievements we’ve made as an organization. Not only does it provide us with development in public speaking and professionalism, but it allows us to continue to improve our campus visit program, which is one of the most influential factors in a prospective student’s college decision.”


To facilitate the ongoing exchange of ideas, the Green & Gold Guides created a Facebook group for Admissions Tour Guides around the world. It will continue the open forum started at the conference and allow for others who were not able to attend to share their stories.


In addition to attending the conference, the Green & Gold Guides took a side trip to Morgantown, West Virginia, where they were able to attend a campus tour at West Virginia University. This provided an opportunity for the students to experience a highly ranked campus visit program in anticipation of the many changes they are preparing for the fall visit program at USF.