New Student Lounge Opening in Marshall Student Center

Last year, students expressed a desire for additional casual lounge space for studying, hanging out and gaming in the Marshall Student Center (MSC). Recognizing the evolving needs of students and the desire to make our union a comfortable, functional and fun destination for students, Student Affairs took two fourth floor meeting rooms offline in late May and construction began.


The new lounge, anticipated to be open with the start of fall semester, will offer a social/study area and an adjacent gamers area that will be separated by a glass wall. Adding approximately 90 seats and dozens of new electrical outlets, the lounge features:


Study/social area:

Two  pods with comfortable bench seating, table, chairs, and large LCD screens for a group

One pod with conference size table and chairs for a group

Sofas, easy chairs, high top tables, and other seating

Counters with integrated electrical outlets for additional surface space

Vending area with state-of-the-art touch screen Coca-Cola soda machine, a snack machine, and a coffee machine


Gamers area: 

Three large, specially designed, gaming pods that will each include a 46-inch LCD screen, a sound dome and four seats for active gamers

One small pod with LCD screen to seat 1-2 gamers

Seating for game watchers

Counter with integrated electrical outlets for additional surface space


In addition, the nearby fourth floor elevator area lounge will offer expanded seating, additional electrical outlets and furniture and computer tables. Be sure to check it out when Fall semester starts—it will be the place to be in the MSC!