Special Report: Exercise and Healthy Living


The renovated Campus Recreation Center, which opens Wednesday, features state-of-the-art equipment.


TAMPA, Fla. (Aug. 16, 2011) – With the University of South Florida’s continuing focus on healthy lifestyles, the opening of the new Campus Recreation Center provides an atmosphere to make exercise fun and fulfilling.


The center opens Wednesday, with a Grand Opening Party scheduled for Aug. 22 and the official ribbon-cutting ceremony being held Sept. 1. USF faculty and staff are invited to use the facility for free from Wednesday to Aug. 28.


The choices are startling.


The updated center features more than 120 pieces of cardio equipment, a 1/10 of a mile indoor running track, a cycling studio, group fitness classes, a personal training suite and more.


And there are healthy eats available, too. Champion’s Choice dining hall is set to open, featuring healthy fare.


While the center may create the latest buzz around workouts, Campus Recreation features a ton of other options for getting out and getting fit while having fun.


Riverfront Park features canoeing, kayaking and disc golf. A high ropes course and low ropes course are nearby for those who want to climb and experience a zip line.


You can explore more of what Campus Recreation has to offer by clicking on this link.


USF has also launched a new initiative dedicated to healthy living and wellness. More on this initiative will be coming soon.





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