New Appointments in the Office of Student Success

From: Paul J. Dosal, Ph.D., Vice Provost for Student Success


Re: Appointments in the Office of Student Success


Dear Friends and Colleagues,


As you know, I’ve been an advocate for the development of a long-term, comprehensive enrollment plan. Toward that end, and to ensure the continued success of our student success initiative, I am pleased to announce two administrative changes in the Office of Student Success.


J. Robert Spatig will assume the role of Assistant Vice President for Admissions, Recruitment, and Enrollment Planning. In this new role, Bob will take a lead role in developing a comprehensive long-term enrollment plan for undergraduate and graduate recruitment, admission, academic progression, and timely graduation for the University of South Florida, Tampa. He will also coordinate the recruitment of international students with USF World and work with the Graduate School to recruit graduate students.


While Bob will continue to provide strategic direction to and supervise the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, David Lee Henry will manage the office as the new Director of Undergraduate Admissions. Over the past year David has demonstrated the expertise, temperament, and passion to maintain the high standards of the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.


The next year will present additional challenges and opportunities. These challenges will require us to develop more sophisticated means to plan our enrollments and recruit students who are poised for success. Bob and David will continue to work collaboratively with the colleges as well as Undergraduate Studies, the Graduate School, USF World, Student Affairs, and other units. I am sure that they would welcome your continued support in their new positions.