Creative Haiku

Send in your best haiku about USF Week of Welcome and the new school year. Be creative and have fun.


TAMPA, Fla. (Aug. 17, 2011) – What better way to celebrate the new school year, than with being a little bit creative and having some fun.


To mark the event, we’re inviting everyone - faculty, staff, students, parents, visitors (you get the point) - to send in your very own haiku about USF, the new school year, Week of Welcome, Move-in Day, or whatever USF-related event you want to highlight.


So, what’s a haiku?


According to, a haiku (pronounced hahy-koo) is “a major form of Japanese verse, written in 17 syllables divided into 3 lines of 5, 7, 5 syllables, and employing highly evocative allusions and comparisons, often on the subject of nature or one of the seasons.”


Email your haiku to Be sure to include your name and hometown. We’ll publish the entries, along with your information.


Check back to read the entries.


Submitted Haikus:


From new beginnings

Come learning, fun, adventure

Life starts now, enjoy

                                       --- Gail Spector, Land O Lakes


Lot, a parking spot

Why do you elude me so?

I have a class, OH!

                                 --- Lauren Rivera, New Port Richey


Fall in and adjust

Winter ends and summers whiz

Degree is a must!

                               --- Terrie Wade, Tampa


Do right to others

And study tenaciously

Success will follow

                           --- Benjamin K. Carter, Eustis, Fla.


Two Online Courses.

Degree is almost Complete.

Class of Twenty-Twelve!

                                --- Damian Stanziano, Miami, FL


Registered for two

Courses this term. I'm nearly

Done. Hip Hip Hooray!

                               --- Damian Stanziano, Miami, FL



The Mind and Soul seeks

An Oasis of Knowledge

On our campus grounds

                               --- Benjamin K. Carter, Eustis, Fla.


syllabi abound

unlimited potential

another cycle

                       --- Timothy Carrigan, Boone, NC


I love USF

Nothing short of being great

What else can I say?

                                --- Franklin Velez

My teacher taught me

All my heart needs to know

Then she set me free

                               --- Kathleen Boyle, Tampa.


I have seen the goal

Knowing the journey worthwhile

I will not look back

                              --- Kathleen Boyle, Tampa.


Ride your bike to class

It is so easy and fast

Wave to cars you pass

                                --- Charles Lockard, Saint Augustine, FL


Classes have begun

Students and staff all ponder

Where the hell to park

                                       --- Anne Maynard, Tampa


Intriguing changes,

An amazing sensation,

USF nation.

                                    --- Brock Lewis, Fort Myers


Another year down,
and though it may get harder,
it still gets better.

                                   --- William Willis, Tampa


Boxes everywhere

Oh, be careful with that one!

Crammed in our new rooms.

                                   --- Elizabeth Loyer, Nokomis


The Kickoff Party

Small balloon animal bull

Lots of free stuff here!

                                  --- Elizabeth Loyer, Nokomis


So many events

How to choose which to attend?

Broaden your interests.

                                   --- Elizabeth Loyer, Nokomis


USF, we’re here

A new beginning for us

Green and gold, go Bulls!

                                   --- Barbara Pearce, Dunedin


It's a new school year

It's a time to grow and learn

No more B's I want all A's

                                    --- Victor Rivera, Tampa


Welcome to USF

You’ll have the time of your life

Have fun; own the bull!

                                 --- Vicki House, Tampa


Green and yellow bull
Hope, promise, potential lie
in front of us all
                               --- Christy M. Foust, Tampa

Broken heart causes
the past to resurrect life
but I will play dead

                               --- Phil Siniscalco, Tampa


Bedsheets bodies sink
passion skin pressed silhouettes
love; eclipse; sunset

                              --- Phil Siniscalco, Tampa

Blazing stars align
hues ascend and intertwine
swimming in your eyes

                             --- Phil Siniscalco, Tampa

To love you again
noon gardens bloom after rain
shine bright with sunlight

                             --- Phil Siniscalco, Tampa


Hot sun, hot car bad. 

Hot pavement on my feet bad.

Hot Band is so cool.

                             ---- Sarah Connelly, Tampa


The campus is green

The sun is gold and bright

Freshman are green too.

                                ---- Sarah Connelly, Tampa


Drive, unload unpack.

Meet, greet, mingle with new friends.

New semester nerves.

                               ---- Sarah Connelly, Tampa


I should have printed

my schedule for tomorrow.

Where do I go now?

                              ---- Sarah Connelly, Tampa


Another year down,
and though it may get harder,
it still gets better.

                        --- William Willis, Tampa


Summer is waning

Fall classes are beginning

Where is the free food?

                                   ---- Jenna Withrow, Tampa


It’s Week of Welcome

New places, faces and friends

Have a great school year!

                                     --- Lara Wade, USF News, Tampa.


Fall is in the air

And Week of Welcome is here

Greetings all new Bulls!

                                                  --- Lara Wade, USF News, Tampa.