First Day of Class

USF welcomes its most academically-talented freshman class. Enrollment overall is about 47,000.

By Lara Wade

USF News


TAMPA, Fla. (Aug. 22, 2011) – The Fall Semester began Monday with about 47,000 students enrolled in the University of South Florida System.  


The USF Tampa Fall 2011 Freshman class – the 2015 graduating class – is the most academically talented in the history of the campus with an average SAT of 1203; ACT of 27; and High School GPA of 3.91. USF is enrolling 20 National Merit, one National Achievement and nine National Hispanic Scholars.


    • Average SAT score is up 27 points from 1176 to 1203, surpassing the previous Fall term high of 1194 in 2009. 
    • Average ACT score is up one point from 26 to 27.  The ACT interquartile range is also up, from 23-28 to 25-29.
    • Average High School GPA has increased a tenth of a point, from 3.81 to 3.91. 


USF Health also welcomed its largest class of medical students, 139, including the first 19 members of the new SELECT program (Scholarly Excellence, Leadership Experiences, Collaborative Training).  These students are chosen in part by measures of emotional intelligence.  The SELECT program is a partnership with Lehigh Valley Health Network, where students in the program will be in residence for years three and four of their medical school experience.  In addition, USF Health launched the 53-strong charter class of the new College of Pharmacy, under founding dean Kevin Sneed, who is driven by a new model of pharmacists as the center of personalized medicine teams.


The graduate student headcount now represents 25 percent of the USF student body with an increase in doctoral enrollment, balancing a reduction in master’s enrollment.


Overall, diversity of USF Tampa's student body remains very strong with 35.2% of students from traditionally underrepresented groups - African American, American Indian, Asian, Hawaiian Pacific, Hispanic and Multi-race.  International student headcount is up 20.8% at USF Tampa and 21.1% for the System, which is the result of an intentional effort to extend the global diversity of USF's student body to enhance the quality and relevance of a USF education.  International students currently represent 4.2% of USF Tampa’s total enrollment and 3.7% of the USF System’s enrollment overall.


USF embarked on the 2011-12 enrollment effort in pursuit of student success objectives.  These objectives include:


    • Enrolling FTICs (First Time in College) and transfers who are prepared academically, socially, and financially for success
    • Aligning enrollment with optimal capacity to deliver the curriculum and services
    • Lowering the student to faculty ratio
    • Maintaining a teaching and learning environment that provides the educational benefits of diversity, broadly understood to include out of state and international students
    • Providing on-campus residence to more students


Paul Dosal, Vice Provost for Student Success, said, “In this context, we can and should highlight the higher academic profile of the FTICs without losing sight of other objectives.  We did not raise the SAT and GPA scores simply to raise the scores.  We raised those scores as part of a balanced, comprehensive student success initiative that is a critical component of our strategic plan.” 


For a more in-depth look at the numbers, review the USF E-Profile site located on the USF website here:


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