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The official University of South Florida Twitter account is increasing in popularity as more users tweet about USF.


By Jenna Withrow News Writer


TAMPA, Fla. (August 18, 2011) – The local “Twitterverse” is all aflutter over the University of South Florida.


Hundreds of USF-related tweets are being sent every day. Since launching in 2009, the University of South Florida Twitter account has amassed more than 3,400 followers and continues to grow. From current and prospective students to fans and faculty to enthusiastic alumni, Twitter users are connecting with USF on a daily basis.


"We want to share USF news and event information in a way that encourages students to engage with the university and share our content with their friends,” said Stephanie Harff, chief of operations for University Communications and Marketing. “Twitter is perfect for that. It’s instant, interactive communication that's fun for our students."


Each day, staff members tweet about the latest USF news, including campus events, new research, student accomplishments, athletic games and more. @USFNEWS is the one-stop shop for all things USF on Twitter.


"When we started the USF News Twitter feed in 2009, we envisioned using it to share university news with local and national media,” Harff said.  “But now we're using Twitter in a whole new way and it’s been very successful."


The USF Twitter account also features lists of other USF-related Twitter accounts. These Twitter accounts are grouped together under categories like Academics and Campus Life to help users easily connect with USF departments.


For a complete list of all official USF social media accounts, click here.


Are you on Twitter? Be sure to follow us at @USFNEWS for daily tweets about USF. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #USF when you’re tweeting about the University of South Florida!


Jenna Withrow covers student activities and events at USF. She can be reached at 813-974-0331.