INTO USF Blossoms

Nearly 600 students from 33 countries are enrolled in the program.


Tampa, Fla. (Oct. 12, 2011) – The University of South Florida (USF) and INTO University Partnerships (INTO) announced today that 2011-2012 international student enrollment in the INTO USF program exceeded original plan targets by 16 percent. A record 590 students from 33 countries are enrolled for fall 2011 at the INTO USF center on the university’s Tampa campus, a 27 percent increase over Fall 2010 enrollment.


INTO USF students are enrolled in a variety of academic “Pathway” and English language programs designed and delivered by USF faculty to prepare them for successful transition to a degree program at the university.  The experience offers international students a full year of instruction and high levels of personalized support to address their unique needs.  They acclimatize to U.S. university life while living on campus and enjoying all of USF’s facilities, resources and services.  The outcome is students who are well prepared to progress with confidence to degree programs at the university.


The INTO USF program experienced tremendous success in its first year of operation (2010-11) and is poised for continued growth. The INTO USF center is forecast to enroll nearly 1,000 students by 2013-14.


INTO USF’s achievements since its launch in Fall 2010 have not been limited solely to its success in attracting large numbers of international students.  Students enrolled in its Pathway programs have also academically performed at considerably higher rates than anticipated.  81% of students in the INTO USF programs during the 2010-2011 academic year qualified for progression to USF degree programs.  An impressive 92% of those qualified students then chose to enroll at USF.


USF’s strategic plan calls for a concerted effort to increase the university’s international enrollment. From Fall 2009 to Fall 2010, the university saw a 16 percent increase in international student enrolment. From Fall 2010 to Fall 2011, there will be a projected increase of 13.5 percent. USF anticipates continued steady growth in international enrollment, accomplished in large part by enrolling students who have successfully completed the INTO USF Pathway program.


“We are delighted with the early success of the INTO USF partnership as we exceeded student enrollment, progression and matriculation targets in our first year. This year’s robust enrollment promises to further USF’s goal of enrolling more international students who bring valued global experiences and perspectives to the classroom” said USF Provost Ralph Wilcox. “USF has already witnessed an enhanced brand identity in the global marketplace resulting in a stronger flow of student talent and new opportunities for collaboration with international universities”.


INTO USF’s rapid success has also accelerated the need for additional physical space to accommodate its growing number of students, faculty and staff.  A design proposal created by a team of graduate students from USF's School of Architecture and Community Design is currently under review. It calls for new construction in the heart of the Tampa campus of a multi-purpose facility that will serve as the INTO USF center including classrooms, administrative offices, media/computer labs, a library, café, and communal spaces for students from across campus to study and socialize.  Targeted opening is Fall 2013.


“The plan for a new facility where domestic and international students alike can develop a cross-cultural fluency is a capstone to the success we’ve achieved thus far,” said Glen Besterfield, INTO USF’s Center Director and Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering.  “A new INTO USF center will strengthen the university’s ability to facilitate the exchange of diverse perspectives and deliver to our students a truly ‘international’ education.”


About INTO

INTO University Partnerships works together with US and UK universities to develop specialized pathway programs and enhanced support services that specifically address international students’ educational, social and cultural needs, carefully preparing them to progress with confidence as degree-seeking students.  Students benefit from university-designed programs, high-quality, university-led teaching, and supportive learning environments while enjoying full access to their host university’s campus facilities, resources and services.  Since 2006, INTO has launched 11 educational partnerships to internationalize campuses in the UK and the US including the University of South Florida and Oregon State University.  More information can be found at