Exercise is Just a Click Away

A new online video library from Campus Rec shows how to work out muscles for maximum benefit.


USF News Report


TAMPA, Fla. (Oct. 31, 2011) – If your delts are droopy, your quads out of condition and your obliques obviously out of shape, a trip to the gym might be in order. Or even easier, you can click on the new USF Campus Recreation Online Exercise Library and get to work right now.


As a part of USF’s Exercise Is Medicine On Campus Initiative, Campus Recreation created the Online Exercise Library to make it easier for anyone to start exercising without a special trip to a fitness facility. The library features an interactive catalog that allows users to click on the muscle they want to work and then follow along with a video showing how to properly, effectively and safely get that particular muscle in shape.


The exercise library provides a variety of exercise options including many that can be done in various locations. Some of the exercises are very basic and require no equipment at all; instead they use one’s own body weight as a source of resistance.  While others include alternative fitness equipment, such as a physioball, elastic bands or ankle weights


Resistance training should be performed two to three times a week, with eight to 12 repetitions of each exercise for each major muscle group.


For more information on fitness options at the Campus Recreation Center, click here. Or join their Facebook community here.