Take the RightStep Toward a Career Plan

One of the huge advantages of working at USF is the opportunity for career advancement. USF offers over 450 staff and administration job titles and the ability to gain competencies needed for higher-level jobs through resources such as the HR Organizational Development courses and the Employee Tuition Program.With these resources available, employees have the tools they need to create their own career paths and work toward those paths without ever leaving USF.


 To help visualize individual opportunities, Human Resources is pleased to announce a new website with a variety of resources for the employee and his/her manager to use in designing a career path plan. The RightStep program leads the employee and the manager through the steps needed to determine career goals, to assess current competencies, and to create a development plan that will help the employee gain the competencies needed to reach their career goals. Please contact the HR Manager of your service center or your regional HR office for more information and guidance.