No Poly Independence Now

The Board of Governors set a list of criteria that needs to be met before USF Poly can entertain being an independent state university.


TAMPA, Fla. (Nov. 9, 2011) – Following a lengthy debate the State University System Board of Governors Wednesday voted to require USF Polytechnic to meet a list of criteria before it would consider making the Lakeland-based campus an independent state university.


In the 13-3 vote, the board focused on protecting student's investment in their educational future and setting a path that will provide for a smart, smooth transition to independence for an institution that still has some growing pains to overcome.


University of South Florida System President Judy Genshaft opened the debate, telling the board that the distraction caused by the independence discussion needed to stop. The board, she said, needed to make a definitive decision.


The meeting, held at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, included officials from USF, USF trustees and students. 


“Further delays only serve to further divide us,” Genshaft told the board of governors. “Reconciliation must begin immediately, but it cannot begin in earnest until the decision of this board is no longer in doubt.”


Genshaft’s remarks can be found here.


In its ruling, the board said it will review USF Polytechic's progress and determine whether all criteria is met before considering making the Lakeland campus independent.