Change in Benefit Deductions for December Paychecks

The deduction schedule will be adjusted for December's three paychecks.


Due to open enrollment ending later in the year than usual, the State of Florida Division of State Group Insurance (DSGI) will not be able to provide enrollment changes to USF in time for the deductions to be processed for the Dec. 2 paycheck. Therefore, USF will need to adjust the timing of the benefit deductions during the month of December. The mandatory 3 percent retirement contribution is not affected by this change and will be withheld from all three checks received in Dec.


Pay Date Benefit Premiums
12/02/11 No premiums deducted
12/16/11 Normal premiums deducted
12/29/11 Normal Premiums deducted


Note: The December 29 pay date is an accelerated date resulting from the extended winter break.


If you have questions regarding the payroll benefit deduction change, please contact your Benefits Representative in your HR Service Center, or your Regional HR Office.